Wij zijn Medixa

Softwareontwikkelaars voor medisch onderwijs

Medixa develops software for education, especially aimed at the medical sector. Medixa started in 2019 and provides a simulation patient monitor, which can be used to lift scenario education to a higher level.

The goal of Medixa is to improve medical education and to make simulation education more realistic. With the patient monitor, scenario education can be played very professionally and realistically.

Curious about what Medixa has to offer? Try the Medixa Monitor for free for 30 days now.


Features of Medixa Monitor

Vital signs

Show real time vital signs like pulse, ECG, blood pressure, saturation and more


Show diagnostics like X-ray, ultrasounds and more


Show results of bloodsamples, blood cultures, PCR and more


Show basic patient informatie, relevant past and more

30 days free trial

Not sure if the Medixa Monitor is suitable for you or your lessons? Try it out for free for 30 days.